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        5. Sea Buckthorn-EX? Sea Buckthorn Extract

          sea buckthorn oil
          Sea Buckthorn-EX? is Botaniex’s branded extract of Sea Buckthorn berries and/or seeds made with patented extraction process (Patent Number: ZL201410009702.6). The innovative extraction technology retains the chemical stability and potency of Sea Buckthorn’s active components and enhances their bioavailability when consumed. Botaniex provides Sea Buckthorn Oils and Powders prepared to the following specifications.

          Product Name

          Brand Name/Code


          Sea Buckthorn Extract Sea Buckthorn-EX? Oil/FLV60

          60% Flavones

          Sea Buckthorn Extract Sea Buckthorn-EX?/FLV10

          10% Flavones

          Sea Buckthorn Extract Sea Buckthorn-EX?/FLV20

          20% Flavones

          Sea Buckthorn Extract Sea Buckthorn-EX?/FLV30

          30% Flavones

          Sea Buckthorn Extract Sea Buckthorn-EX?/FLV10

          10:1 Extraction Ratio

          *Customized specification available upon request.

          Sea Buckthorn

          Sea Buckthorn berries grow on relatively short shrubs that are native to Asia and Europe, the plant was originally cultivated and fed to horses in order to improve their coat quality and facilitate their weight gain and health. Current scientific research has lead to widespread use of its oils in the cosmetic and healthcare industry for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The berry is unique in its ability to collect lipids (saturated and polyunsaturated fat) in the fleshy part of its fruit. When squeezed for extraction, the resulting fluid will separate into distinct layers, one of which is the Oil and another the juice.

          Sea Buckthorn has a total of seven recognized subspecies, all of which exhibit similar aesthetic and nutritional characteristics. Variances include berry size and density that allow for easier cultivation of certain subspecies. The berries of the plant are sour in taste and may unpleasant to eat raw due to their oily texture. High levels of polyunsaturated fats, carotenoids, and essential vitamins are characteristic of all subspecies.

          Botanical Name Hippophae rhamnoides
          Plant Family Elaeagnaceae
          Part of Plant Used Berries and Seeds


          • Promotes skin health
          • Aids in weight management
          • Improves cardiovascular health
          • Essential fatty acids help prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers
          • Treats Gastrointestinal problems like ulcers and acid reflux
          • Relieves eye dryness
          • Protects liver; antioxidant content is found to be hepaprotective.


          Sea Buckthorn oil contains many chemical constituents that work together and contribute to its effectiveness as a health supplement. Saturated and Polyunsaturated fatty acids are theorized to have anti-inflammatory properties allow it to treat eczema and eye dryness, as well as other areas of the body where mucosal membranes are prevalent like the reproductive system and GI tract. The fatty acids also discourage the body to store more fat than necessary, and reduce serum cholesterol levels as well as decreasing platelet aggregation leading to better cardiovascular health. Anti-oxidants present in the oil have also been shown to reduce the effects of hepatotoxic compounds thereby protecting the liver from damage.


          There are no documented safety concerns with the use of Sea Buckthorn oil, however consumption of high quantities of the oil may lead to malabsorption of other nutrients, diarrhea, and electrolyte deficiency.


          Typical daily dosages are in the range of 2000-5000mg/day.

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